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UFC’s Josh Sampo facing a mirror image

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s flyweight Josh Sampo (11-2) feels

like he is fighting a mirror image of himself in Zach Makovsky (17-4)
at the UFC 170 Saturday.

“A lot of people say I am fighting another version of me,” he said. He
has the same height, same weight, same built it, knows wrestling,
pretty much am fighting the same person. I am fighting my evil twin,
you can say.”

Sampo, who will be fighting in his second UFC fight, was the former
flyweight champion of Championship Fighting Alliance, based in Miami.

Makovsky is a former Bantamweight Bellator champion. Both men have a
background in collegiate wrestling and have a degree in Biology.

Sampo said he is ready for any arsenal Makovsky will bring to the
table because he is confident his scouting team has done enough
research on his opponent.

“This fight will tell the story. In his last fight, he staid
discipline with the strike, but the take down is his bread and butter.
When wrestlers in any fight get uncomfortable and start getting hit,
which they don’t like, they go back to wrestling.

The Missouri and St. Charles MMA and Rodrigo Vaghi Jiu-Jitsu fighter
said he is looking forward to his weekend fight, but still wants to
challenge current UFC flyweight Ian McCall.

“He has been or remains to be a top flyweight in the world,” he said.
“If we compete it will be an explosive fight. It will be intense.”

In a past interview, he challenged McCall to a fight and asked him to
put his mustache on the line.

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