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Ty Costlow young mma fighter flew to fight Supreme Patty’s opponent

New Jersey’s Ty Costlow, 18, got wind of amateur mixed martial artist Rudy Prieto, who defeated Instagram sensation Supreme Patty at a recent pay-per-view event Florida.

Costlowknew he could defeated Prieto in a jiu-jitsu match, so he bought a plane ticket to the sunshine state and surprised his foe.

Costlow joined The Roman Show to talk about his story, Chael Sonnen taking him backstage during a major UFC event and more.

“No, I didn’t find him as a challenge,” said Costlow, who battled the mid-twenty-year-old. “I knew I would beat him. I knew I would go in there, take him down and see him lay there. Everyone was telling me you are too young. This guy is old. I don’t care. I knew I could beat him. I flew in. I got part-time job three weeks before so I can buy the plane ticket to Florida.”

Prieto posted on social media of the bout, but soon deleted the information after his loss. The match took place early August.

“It got really dicey,” he said. “He didn’t believe it. He posted that he was going to fight a kid and people gave him shit for it. They really didn’t think I was going to show up. When I showed up he was in shock. He didn’t weigh in.”

Costlow also added that Prieto’s alleged attorney reached out to him after he shared the fight video. The attorney suggested said to provide the video or else face a lawsuit citing exploitation, according to Colstow.

“I think its [Prieto] being a poor sport,” he said.

Costlow also shared his story of meeting Sonnen and other fighters backstage, wanting to fight a Bellator fighter, wanting to fight Prieto in a mma amateur fight and more.

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