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Titan FC Champ Juan Puerta ready to prove you can come adversity

Titan FC’s flyweight champion Juan Puerta is setting the past apart and looking towards showing the world his skills as he is set to defend his title.

Puerta (16-6) will face Claudio Ledesma (16-7) in the upcoming Titan FC’s 55 main event live on UFC Fight Pass from the Xtreme Action Fight Pass in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Friday June 28, 2019. Tickets are on sale.

Minutes away from competing inside the cage, the Florida Boxing Commission informed him he was unable to compete after finding THC in his blood. The Roman Show spoke to Puerta days before his upcoming fight.

“It was heartbreaking it was my mistake, but to be pulled minutes away in the fifth round in the co-main event to find out I wasn’t going to fight; it was heartbreaking,” he said. “I put hard work. It was a mistake I made and I had to pay the consequences. It was hard at the time. It felt like the world was being pulled away from me, but you learn to be tough and get through it and be a man.”

He was administered a drug test about 30 minutes before his scheduled fight against Cuban Olympian Gustavo Balart, who now competes for ONE FC.

“I learned to grow it from it and change my ways,” he added. “I found other remedies more natural remedies I can say. I am excited to fight to prove to people you can overcome these things.”

Most commissions would have allowed him to fight, but the Florida Boxing Commission is a zero-tolerance state.  However, despite the disappointment, he kept training.  

“I didn’t take break. I trained hard for Gustavo Balart, but I felt I didn’t get a chance to display my skills. I took {my energy} somewhere else. I put my energy into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I competed as a brown belt. I ended up winning the tournament and beating a two-time world medalist in the first round. I was the underdog, said Puerta, who earned his black belt”

He also talked about his relationship with Titan FC COO Lex McMahon relationship.

“I am forever in debated to Lex. He hasn’t just elevated my career, but he stuck by myside through the hard times. You see who is in your life during the hard times. {I had} personal relationships destroyed because of what happened. That’s how it is you grow up and you see who is by your side. Lex is one of those people who stuck by me and has been loyal.”

Hear the entire interview.

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