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The Roman Show 6-19-12 (Joey Ryan and Kylie Pierce)

Wrestler Joey Ryan, who appeared on TNA’s Impact wrestling Gut Check, said he met with the company’s trainer Al Snow after the segment aired on Spike TV.
In an interview with The Roman Show, Ryan also said that he felt he needed to defend himself as he felt the judges, Al Snow, Tazz and Bruce Prichard, were attacking him.
“The segment itself, TNA is trying to go reality based. I didn’t even know Tazz was going to be a judge, until I went out there and I felt like I was getting ambushed because I had the 87 percent not my poll but TNA’s poll, 87 percent of their audience were on my side,” he said. “I was trending world wide on Twitter. Come to find out later I was the highest rated segment at the time. But I felt I was getting ambushed. I felt like they had already made their decision. “
Prior to meeting with judges, he wrestled Austin Aries. Ryan felt he had no chance of winning and staying with the company.
“No matter what I felt they had their agenda,” he said.
He had to retaliate to defend himself, when the judges spoke.
“Once I felt I was being disrespected not to disrespect any of them I needed to stand up for myself cause if I don’t stand up for myself who is going to stand up for myself?” he said. “I didn’t want to be talked down like that. “
He also added that the judges didn’t like the way he acted, but producers, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff enjoyed it.

CZW Kylie Pierce also joined us on the show who spoke about enduring a broken jaw and other injuries. Plus, she explains show she wrestled in hardcore matches.

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