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The Castor Troys EP had been in the works

Canadian band The Castor Troys released their latest EP Legends NeverDie delivering non-stop sounds drawing inspiration from bands like The Offspring and Iron Maiden. The Roman Show spoke to the Chris Ledroit and Matthew Bowker of the band to talk about the EP available on Spotify. Ledroit said the EP has been in the works. “We’ve been working on these ... Read More »

ATRIA releases debut EP; Vocalists Tom Emmans talks influences

Canadian band Atria will be unleashing their debut EP New World Nightmare and fans can anticipate a musical diversity. Vocalist Tom Emmans joined The Roman Show to talk about the bands music. Emmans talked about the band’s influences. “We have a lot of the heavier songs, but we have songs with the hooks as well. (It’s) very heavily influenced by ... Read More »

Our Darkest Days delivers pure Punk rock in new album

Canada’s Our Darkest Days singer Vincent said fans of the bands can expect “pure rock” in their new album A Common Agony released last month. Vincent joined The Roman Show to talk about the band’s latest album. “It’s a pure punk rock. We have been on the scene for a long time,” he said. “We put tragic melody. It’s fast ... Read More »