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Starset Talks Vessels, Marvel Comics and writing process

Starset is busy on hitting the road promoting their latest album Vessles, but the band is also looking forward for the release of their Marvel Comics graphic novel.

Dustin Bates and Ron DeChant spoke to The Roman Show at the annual Fort Rock Festival in Fort Myers, Fl this weekend about their upcoming graphic novel set to drop in the fall.

“It was almost 18 months ago the Starset Society teamed up with Marvel to do a graphic novel to tell the story of the inception of the Starset Society it comes out in the fall,” Bates said. “There’s already a novel that’s been released by the Starset Society. There are others on the way. The first graphic novel from marvel expands the content of the first novel.”

DeChant said fans created them to be like superheroes on one point and Bates recalled his love for comics.

“I don’t watch TV, but I loved the first Iron Man movie. I am a comic lover,” said Bates.I was a super poor kid I so I didn’t have many at all, but I went down Second Street there was a store in my own town…I saved and saved and bought the comic book where Superman died and I thought I was going to be rich one day. I finally got it I don’t know where it is; it’s probably worth $1.50.”

Bates, who has a doctor’s in electrical engineer, gave The Roman Show the scoop on how the band composes music.

“I use the left and right side of the brain a lot going back and forth. There are engineering aspects to it. There is a process to it. There is a trail and error process to it. I start with a contextual concept and write a whole document on what I want it to sound like it. I use bands not to copy, but hone in were the sounds come from.”

He also talks about driving hours or walking for 10 miles until something clicks and more.

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