I am very tired; however, I find it in me to make others smile. We all have rough times in our lives and days, but you need to find it inside of you to bring out the best of your inner self. By this I mean: smile, laugh, be jubilant despite the fact that things suck at the time. Every moment, every minute, every hour, and every second is a moment you should cherish. Just the fact that I am writing to you right now at this instance makes me bless. There are thousands of people who at this point in time have seen a computer, but have never been able to type or touch a computer. Yes, times are bad and things just couldn’t get any worse for some, yet we are breathing and capable smiling. With a smile, you can get others sick of your happiness. Eventually, the positive sickness will be passed like a plauge. A plauge that will all put all smile on our faces. Like this, we can prevent others holding things inside. You see, when you speak or write about your problems it is an escape; it’s a catharis. And, you don’t leave loved ones wondering what the hell is wrong with the depressed individual. So, life sucks at this time, but don’t quit because things will get better. All you need to do is .

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