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UFC’s Yoel Romero would shake hands with Michael Bisping despite heated feud

If Yoel Romero (12-1) were to fight UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, the Cuban mixed martial artist would shake hands despite the verbal conflict they have been having.

Romero spoke to The Roman Show prior to his fight against Robert Whittaker (18-4) for the interim middleweight strap at UFC 213, July 8.

If Romero were to fight Bisping to unify the titles, he will extend his hand. Both Romero and Bisping have been having a verbal battle in person and social media. Bisping is currently injured.

Watch video interview, below.

“There’s always that respect, he said. “It’s a code that exist within all athletes.”

He said he is not the type of fighter to engage in talking smack. He said he answered because he felt there was a need.

“He is a guy that disrespected God and me professionally,” he said. “I think that needed a response. I don’t criticize anyone. I applaud a UFC lightweight champion Connor McGregor, but that is he. I respect him. I am not going to invite Conor then you are forgetting about whom you are. But that is Conor. It has worked out for him. Conor has a big mouth. He is like the (late boxing legend) Muhammad Ali, but there is only one Muhammad Ali. There are people who imitate him. I don’t criticize those people if you think it will get you a result. But I have spoken about Bisping because of his disrespect.”

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