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Recession. What recession?

It surprises me how we human beings just don’t learn from the past. Greed is all over america and you can smell it in the air. Politicians try to brighten our spirits by promoting fantasies. In a recent Miami Herald article, I read that the government will use the federal stimulus money to build some new highway projects. According to officials, the projects will help traffic congestion and provide jobs. Ok, let’s be adament about this, the jobs will be temporary. The project will only lasts for a couple of years, at the most. So, we’ll be like little kids who get five bucks from their parents after they take out the trash. They feel happy because for that day, they got some income and are free to use it on what ever they want. But, the five bucks isn’t continuous. Who are these people fooling? It seems that this money will just be enjoyed momentarily. Once we run out of our borrowed money, what happens next? Another recession or depression that my generation will have to suffer. I am pretty sure that next recession will become a depression, simply because we as a country, our in debt with the world. And, just like our current bank’s attitudes, other countries will not let us borrow from them anymore, until we pay them back. Ladies and gentlemen, we are screwed. We have to just hope and pray this boat sinks to the bottom of the floor only to get rescued, quickly. We need help, financially. It’s not rocket scientist. All we need to do, as citizens, is play it safe. Don’t go crazy buying unnecessary objects. Which brings me to my other topic, why is that people are going to bars and liquor stores more than ever? Is alcohol on special? I have never seen so money people drinking their lives away and spending their money before. You walk into a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol and you will see everyone pounding. To make matters worse, they by like 50 rounds to supply their friends of alcohol. Only to realize that they don’t have the monthly rent. Yes, you can drink to forget your problems, but it won’t resolve anything. Remember, you will return to reality once you sober up. To make matters worse, after 50 shots of tequila, they get in their car and drive. Come on people, think smart. Let’s not be like the government and blow our money on useless materials, especially if it damages your health. I am not saying to stop drinking forever, but don’t spend a lucrative amount of cash on alcohol, if you don’t have the cash to spend. For example, don’t go to club Space and spend $600 on a Vodka bottle only to impress someone. Remember, that same bottle costs $40 at a nearby liquor store. That’s just be plain stupid. I know times our rough, but there are other solutions to get around your troubles. You can practice yoga or workout to forget your issues. Think about it. DOn’t put yourself in a deep hole just like our government has. Sorry, I just needed to speak and get this off my chest. The government should put that money into creating jobs to stimulate consumers pockets continuously instead of stimulating their check books.

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