Crowd boos Britney

Smoky conditions made Britney Spears walk off the stage in Vancouver during her latest stop part of her Circus tour. In a statement to the Vancouver Sun, “It’s become uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers.” She walked off the stage, which led to a 30 minute delay. This happened just after she sang three songs.…


Ludacris was the bomb.

Ludacris came through with an outstanding concert last week at F.I.U. A little more than a thousand people were jamming to Luda, who had the crowd bumping and grinding. He sang all his favorite hits such as “Get out the way” and “Area Codes”. It was really funny to see students mosing to “Get out…


As promised, here are some of the pictures taken at the Ronald McDonald’s All-American Basketball game. The game was great and I had the opportunity to interview a future N.B.A. star who was five times my height.