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With days left before Monsters Energy’s Fort Rock, South Florida’s biggest rock festival, Nothing More’s Jonny Hawkins stopped by to chat with The Roman Show and says fans can expect only the best from the band.

“They can expect us to give 110 percent,” he said. “We will throw everything. We give a lot of energy on our shows.”

Hawkins will be part of the festival’s lineup and will perform on the main stage April 26. Tickets are on sale by clicking here.

“We try to do obscure things with our instruments,” he said. “If you come see us it will be something different.”

Hawkins, who has been with the San Antonio, TX based band, says Nothing More has traveled to Florida a couple of times, but plans on traveling more and giving fans a better show each time.

In June, the band will release a new album. The single “This is the time” is already available on iTunes and other online music stores.

“It’s basically a culmination of the last three years of our lives together,” he said. “A lot of heart breaking and intense things happened during that period.”

He later added: “We all went through heart breaks. The band was at a make or break point. It was a rough time. The record was a healing for us,” he said.

He said that the album is an honest one.

“It’s one of those records that are long lasting,” he said. “We put a lot of layers and time to it.”

Nothing More, which started in 2009 recently went through tough period but Hawkins says they are on a good path and the new record proves it.

“It is an encompassing song,” he said of the new single. “ It sums up our feelings of all of our individual struggles. It’s about letting go.”

Hawkins also explains how he incorporates the teachings he learns from practicing jiu-jitsu.

“It’s about learning how to go with the flow of the water,” he said.

Hawkins also talks about mixed martial arts and his favorite fighter. Click below to hear the entire interview.

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