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New Members But Same Breaking Benjamin

Photography by The Roman Show Staff

Breaking Benjamin is back rocking the stage after the band had some setbacks.
The Roman Show caught up with Breaking Benjamin at the Fort Rock Festival in Fort Myers. The band is back with new members minus the lead singer Ben Burnley, who remains.

The Sooner or Later band is releasing their new album Dark Before Dawn in June. Burnley said that during the hiatus he took time for himself, which helped him evolve in music. The band was shut down due to legal issues.

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Although there are new band members, Burnley says he has a connection with the new guys.

“Jason and I have written in the past too,” he said. “It’s a much better chemistry than in the past in regards to writing styles. It helps when you think things suck. It doesn’t matter if we have many things in common what matters is if we agree what things suck.”

The album won’t be released till June 23, but the band has already released their first single Failure. He explained why that was the first single.

“It’s a collaborative effort like we give all the songs to a lot of people because as a band you want an outside opinion,” he said. “The whole album to a bunch of people and they came back as Failure as showcasing the album. The rest sounds like classic Breaking Benjamin. It shows how the band is getting better. Plus we have this thing that it is ok to fail. We are just enjoying the support. There is many more to come.”

Hear how the new band members got together and how Burnley faced the hardships.

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