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Micro Championship Wrestling To Soon Return To TV

The cast of Micro Championship Wrestling has returned to South Florida for an action packed show at the Halloween theme park, House Of Horror, where Johnny G, owner, says expect the athletes to return to the small screen.
The cast will be holding a match every hour at the theme park, 1455 NW 107 avenue, through November 2. The Roman Show caught up with G for an exclusive interview.
He said that the hit show of MCW, which aired on TruTV will soon be on a small screen.
“It was a huge success. We had over a million views per show,” he said. “We had some issues. We are shopping for other networks and hope to be on soon. “
The show would follow the lives of the little athletes lives.

WWE hall of famer Hulk Hogan also appeared on the show when it aired back in 2011.
Such stars as Blixx and Meatball are present at the fair and are available for pictures. For the price of entry, the wrestling show is included among other attractions.
G said that people can expect great entertainment.
“We are a high quality production,” he said. “We give a high quality show. We do everything the big guys do except they are miniature. We add twisted comedy and make sure you have a smile on your face. “
The Roman Show also interviewed exclusively the athletes who discuss their journey to the sport and the injuries and obstacles they have faced.

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