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Kevin Venardos is taking his dream under a tent on the road with a stop in Miami

Circus ringmaster Kevin Venardos is taking his dream on the road and it is all under a tent.

Venardos Circus is at The Palms Town and Country, 8268 Mills Drive, Miami, FL and will run until February 25. For tickets, click here.

Venardos, a former ringmaster for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus, is taking his circus in an effort to inspire and lift people’s spirits. Venardos joined The Roman Show for an interview on this week’s episode.

“What people love [about the circus] is how close people are, it is an intimate space,” he said. “You are next to these amazing artists. When (people) think of a circus they think of a giant arena or a space that is kind of there is amazement going on, but there is a lack of a heart. That’s something you don’t feel in a little tent; it feels magical. I want people to feel transported to a giant one when you talk about dreams. Sometimes reality keeps biting at your dreams or your imagination or the notion that you could accomplish something great. For me, the greatest accomplishment I can do is bring people together to spend time together that alone is super important today. I am proud of that and my little team.”

The tent is placed behind Dick’s Sporting Goods and after Miami will travel on a 40-week tour across the country.

“What motivates me is that I want to touch peoples heart. I want them to get away from their troubles and be inspired by art,” he said.

The show has everything from signing, dancing and eye-opening performances.

“There’s too many surprising to mention,” he said. “We have aerialist, acrobatics lots of laughs, we want people to laugh and some dangerous things. There are stitched together with elements of production.”

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