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Jonny Vandal’s New Role Is More Real Than Fantasy

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South Florida’s Jonny Vandal has been a marquee in the wrestling world locally, but his latest character is raising eyebrows.

Vandal, who has appeared on NXT and wrestles for the WWN Live network, currently has teamed up with valet Trina Michaels. Both perform a S&M performance heading to the ring. But the character isn’t anything new for Vandal as it is something that is second nature for Michaels and Vandal who are an item. Vandal joined The Roman Show to talk about his latest task inside the squared circle.

“It’s tough being me. When FIP I tried to find my ground,” he said. “There is a truth to this character. I am a lot like that behind the scenes Trina is my girl. For me to put that on the forefront and put it on the ring is a dream come true. I am having fun with it and Trina is having fun with it. I know it is adult oriented but it gets the show. I am seeing where it takes me.”

He also opened up about the relationship between him and Trina.

“We are on an open relationship,” he said. “She gets to chain me up and do whatever she wants with me and then I get to go home to whoever I want. But in the end Trina is the prize so it’s awesome in that forefront.”

Hear the interview, now.

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Vandal started training at 13. He trained at former WWE wrestler’s Rusty Brooks The School of Hard Knocks, which was located in Hollywood. At the time, he trained with NXT trainer Norman Smiley, MVP, Konor O’Brian of the WWE’s The Ascension and local star Soulman Alex G.

“I wish there was stuff like that now,” he said. “Now the schools they want you to work just for them.”

Vandal will soon be making his ninth appearance in NXT.

“NXT is a dream come true. I’ve been around since 2001,” he said. “They called me I’ve one NXT a couple of shows. They continue to contact me. You grow up watching wrestling and you work your hardest in the minor leagues. Some people don’t get called, but when you do it is a dream come true.”
Hear him talk about training in Japan, returning to Japan and who he would like to face at WWN Live.

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