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Jason Soares Feels He’s already a champ

Titan FC’s undefeated mixed martial artist Jason Soares was walking distance from the Florida International University bridge collapse as he prepared for his title bout against Featherweight champion Luis Gomez (6-1).

“It really surprised everyone that a bridge falls in the 21st century,” he said.

Soares joined The Roman Show as he is days away from his title shot at Titan FC 49 at the Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 6. His mother had driven under the bridge twenty minutes before the bridge fell. Soares trains at FFA located less than a mile away from where the bridge collapsed on March 15 killing six. He was informed of the tragedy when he received a text message.

“There was a member that was ten cars down from the bridge,” he said.

Hear the interview, below.

A champion at Florida promotion Fight Time, Soares and Gomez have trained before. In fact, they share the same striking coach Eric “El Tigre” Castaños. However, Soares isn’t training with Castaños for this fight. Gomez defeated Sadiq Yusuff.

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“I was the champion in that promotion. Luis fought in that promotion,” he said. “He went and fought for Titan FC. Gomez is good. Sadiq is good but Luis fought in my promotion in the same division as me but when that promotion went out of business he fought for Titan. He got the easy way to get the belt because he didn’t fight me.”

Gomez has used his fancy arm drag to defeated two of his previous foes, which videos have gone viral. Soares isn’t fazed from Gomez’s surprising trick.

“It’s a good move,” he said. “It’s fancy. But he can do it to me it won’t bother me at all I am prepared for it. He has capitalized on it two times he has gotten it and he hurt his opponent.”

Hear Soares talk about his career, studying at FIU, training at FFA and more.

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