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Huracan Director Cassius Corrigan embraces challenges

Movie director Cassius Corrigan challenged himself with his latest project Huracan in hopes to put Mixed Martial Arts on the Hollywood map.

Corrigan joined The Roman Show to talk about his latest film, which recently was show at the Miami Film Festival. He wrote, directed and played the main role.

“That was the biggest challenge,” he said. “Directing because writing is taken care before production starts. But once we start shooting both as director and the lead acting out of 112 scenes man it is hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is a big challenge. One thing I love about film making and mixed martial arts I love being challenged I love putting big challenges and testing myself to see how far I can push myself.”

Interview below.

The movie is about Alonso Santos is an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter struggling to make it to the pro circuit, while battling a devastating mental illness: Multiple Personality Disorder. His illness is defined by blackouts and the emergence of his violent, reckless alternate personality called “Huracán.” Alonso is encouraged by his court appointed therapist to understand the root of his illness by diving deep into the darkness of his childhood trauma, but he is pushed by his MMA coach to embrace Huracán’s hostility and aggression to achieve victory in the combat sports cage.

Corrigan became obsessed with the sport.

It started when I discover mixed martial arts about three years ago,” he said. “I rediscovered mma and I fell in love with the sport first as a fan growing up I was an athlete I played basketball and football. I didn’t know much about martial arts there was no one around me or in my community. When I discovered it, I was like this sport is going to be big and the stories are so much better than other sports. The narratives you can create about these people its life or death it’s do or die.”

In the film, one of the sports biggest stars make a cameo such us “Gamebred” Jorge Masvidal among others. Hear the complete interview.  

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