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Football season is upon us

From February till August life is full of boredom for a man. For those six months, a man can’t release his emotions like the way he knows how to. Why? Because there is no football. No offense to baseball, hockey and basketball, but in all honesty, there is no excitement and adrenaline rush like the one football brings to the world. The hits, rush, blood, sweat and tears that the game brings upon us is non like no other. In just a few weeks, we will be, finally, watching 22 men on the field hitting and running with all their might. Watching two plastic helmets clash and causing a loud, “boom”, while the sound of shoulder pads making a “crush” sound makes you want to get off your lazy boy chair and scream for your team. So,don’t won’t worry and hold on to your seats cause football is here. It is time to watch some bone crushing action that will make you forget about your troubles. Viva le Football!

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