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Flyin Brian Jr. Creating His Own Personality, but always remembers legendary father

The late Brian Pillman’s son, Flyin Bill Pillman, appreciates his footprints that one day will lead him to be a successful wrestler.

The young Pillman started to train professional wrestling last fall and so far, he has been booked all over the United States. The Roman Show spoke to the rising star who explained how he decided to follow his father’s footsteps.

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“I just woke up one day and said, ‘it’s time to start’,” Pillman said who is recovering from an injury. “I kind of thought about it growing up, but I thought I better go to college, get a job and do the right things that everyone is telling me to do. I quickly realized your whole life people are going to be telling you what to do. Do this or do that. I said why not do something that I want to do. That’s when I decided to put my body to the test. I was looking in good shape, doing a lot of yoga, hot yoga and I said I need to do this. I reached out to Lance Storm, WWE veteran, and said let’s do it. I got on the phone with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and got some advice of getting in the business. I am blessed to have those connections. But, at the end of the day I need to do the work.”

He said he contacted Storm via social media. At first the wrestling veteran was skeptical, but invited him to teach him the craft of professional wrestling. He said he has faces challenges.

“(A challenge) is not watching wrestling growing up and watching film as much as I can and really educating myself on the business and how it is supposed to be. Luckily, I’ve had some of the greatest mentors and educators before things start to really click.”

He said that he will do things differently, but, of course, a resemblance of his father can be seen in his performance.

“Everyone talks about the air Pillman. Back then it was innovative to spring board from the top and perform a clothes line. I did that in my first match. I do different things with that I try to do a spring board into a sunset flip or a spring board into an uppercut.”

Hear more of the young wrestling about his father’s feuds, gimmicks and more. He is available for bookings. Reach out to him via social media.

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