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Faber vs Brown

Faber vs Brown had every element of a classic fight. Both warriors fought their hearts out as the bout went five rounds. Faber, after breaking his hand in the middle of the first round, continued to fight by throwing kicks and elbows. In the first round, Faber’s intensity as he danced like a butterfly inside the octagon, but his quickness came to an end after his injury. Brown noticed his injury and took advantage. It was not until the fifth round that Faber had some life as he tried to get brown in a submission, but that failed. Brown countered the submission and was quickly on his feet. Right after, the bell rang and the fight was over. After the mathc, an emotional Brown said he was gracious and humbled defeating Faber. As for the California kid, he needs to comeback viciously if he wants to continue to be seen as a force to be reckon with. He has lost his last two fights. After he recovers, he needs to do some soul searching and train twice as hard to bring the heat inside the octagon. As for Brown, well, he is just representing American Top Team very well.

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