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Exercising is important like brushing your teeth

Rodolfo Roman
     If I had a penny for every person whose New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, I might have upgraded my television set by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for me, but achieving your goal is likely as long as you are determined to do so. Take it from me, it is do able. 
     Currently, I am 28 years old heading to 29 this year and getting closer to the big 3-0, blah. Regardless, exercising has become second nature to me. Sure, I have practically exercised my entire life. Let’s see, I started karate at around 10 years old, but later switched to baseball at age 13. Only to take it seriously when I joined the football and wrestling team at high school. 
     Throughout my life, I was motivated by the likes of professional wrestlers like HHH and the Rock. I’ll be honest those dudes looked like they can kick some serious booty. Plus, I had some extra help from my friends who were also into wrestling and bodybuilding. Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman were amazing bodybuilders.
      So yes, I mentally pushed myself to look like these guys. I don’t believe I reached to their level but I was proud of my accomplishments. Plus, I had to be in tip-top shape since I competed. 
      My understanding of exercising came in college, when I realized it wasn’t a requirement but a choice. A necessary choice. You see, my grandmother, aunt, grandfather, father and uncle suffered from heart disease. Luckily, my uncle and dad survived thanks to a heart transplant. 
    I realized how essential it was for me to pump iron or jog around the track. There is no inspiration like wanting to live and that is what motivates me the most. 
     If you want to beat the lazy bug and have a desire to start pumping oxygen to your heart simply start slow. Grab a friend or significant other to join you in your goal. Challenging yourself makes exercising fun. If you ran two laps try running two more the following week. However, it is important that you start and don’t stop. Once you put the breaks on exercising, it becomes a challenge for you again so maintain a schedule and make it part of your daily tasks like brushing your teeth. 
     If you don’t like lifting weights try speed walking. If you despise the treadmill get yourself a punching bag. You’ll thank me later once you purchase it. The bag is affordable and great exercise. It will get you fit. This goes for male or female. Not only will exercising make you look good, but it will make you feel awesome and provide you with energy. Trust me, when I am writing at midnight and able to think straight that’s the workout talking. 
      Try enrolling at your local gym. If it is too much for wallet to bear, head to the park. There are plenty of exercises that will kick your butt without the assistance of dumbbells. Run in place for ten minutes then jump up and down for another ten. When you complete the exercises shoot me an e-mail and write down how you feel. 
      With the advancement of technology, we forget about our health due to distractions such as PS3’s and television programs. But, just take twenty minutes of your day and dedicate it to your body and enjoy. 

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