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Devon Eggers talks creating one man project Surface of the Sun

Author and musician Devon Eggers is a one man show and his art has been put to the test in his latest EP, Surface of the Sun.

Canadian Devon Eggers joined The Roman Show about his latest project, which he for the majority produced.

His music is similar to Tool, A Perfect Circle and Chevelle.

He described how he managed to put the record together.

“I do all of the writing and performing except for the drumming,” he said. “I do the bulk of the editing and the mixing and just to make sure it sounds as good as possible I hire someone else to master it, which is always a good move. Pretty much 98 percent of me of the project. It is undertaking.”

He had some challenges in producing the EP. His last full length was “A Dying Star”.

“For the most part, it runs smoothly but some of the things and challenges is I was recovering from a vocal injury from a few years ago,” he said. “I was getting to the point in tracking this album or a little bit before I was getting the majority of my voice back. It hasn’t been where it was five years ago before the injury happened but I have the range. The vocals didn’t come out as easily as they used to.”

Surface of the Sun is a listening experience that people can get lost in; it is dynamic with a rollercoaster of energy, melodies and heaviness. Each song stands out on its own while still complimenting the others.

Hear the complete interview, in this week’s episode.

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