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Dada 5000 Has Reached out to Stitches for fight and opponent

After Miami rapper Stitches got knocked out by one of Game’s manager aka Wack 100, many potential opponents have stepped up to the plate asking for a fight against the lyricist.
But one South Florida promoter and mixed martial artist says he has reached out to Stitches in an effort for him to redeem himself.

In an interview, Dada 5000 said he has reached out to Stitches to set up a brawl for Stitches.

“I reached out to Stitches and other individuals and you know squash beef with stitches. But stitches was trying to make a name for himself so he went to the game and the DMS and we all know how that ended up. White Boy the Hialeah champ says he wants to fight. They were suppose to do a promo call out. It’ll be a big pay day. Stitches redeem yourself,” he said. “I am a neutral guy. I am 100 percent business. I know the game. I know the dude that hit you. If you want to we can run it one-on-one. We will put it together. Let me know and ill get the job done. But I first need you as a willing participant.”

Watch the video interview. The second part of the Dada 5000 video interview will drop soon.
Dada 5000 produces backyard fighting, BYB extreme fighting series, which airs on pay-per-view. He is set to take on fellow Miami fighter Kimbo Slice in February for Bellator. He also appeared on Dawg Fights, which aired on Netflix.

He also has a nickname for Stitches.

“Stitches is the how can I put it the remember Jimmy Hart “The Mouth of The South”, Stiches is the new Jimmy Hart,” he said.

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