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Christopher Daniels talks new comic book

Former Ring of Honor champion Christopher Daniels is more than just a professional wrestler.

Daniels and his teammate Frankie Kazarian have teamed up to be featured in Christopher Daniels and Kazarian wrestle Aw Yeah Comics!

The Roman Show spoke to Daniels at Ring of Honor Fort Lauderdale about the latest comic and how it all got started.

Both Kazarian and Daniels teamed with comic creators Art Baltazar and Franco.
“I wrote a story about Frankie and myself about going to that dimension and meeting those (Aw Yeah Comics) characters and we had that published in 2014,” he said. “That was called Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels wrestles Aw Yeah comics. This is the sequel Aw Comics Team-up volume one.”

In the comic, Daniels and Kazarian travel to beautiful downtown Skokie to challenge Action Cat and Adventure Bug to a tag-team wrestling match.

The comic is available for purchase. Click here to buy.

Daniels is a major comic book fan. He shared his thoughts on the latest Marvel and DC comic movies.

Watch the entire interview, now.

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