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Butcher Babies share thoughts on Las Vegas Shooting and new album

Butcher Babies’ singers Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd share their opinion on the horrific Las Vegas shooting and gave The Roman Show a heads on what to expect on their upcoming new album.

Butcher Babies is currently on tour with Demrick and Hollywood Undead. Their new album Lilth drops later this month.


They both spoke to The Roman Show after their concert at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Harvey shared her thoughts on the Las Vegas Shooting. A gunman opened fire at a country music concert and killed nearly 60 people in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

“It’s horrible,” she said. “This has been going on for a few years now all over the world, acts of terrorism. Any act like that to me is terrorism whether is Muslim or whatever,” she said. “It’s one sick person that wanted to leave his mark in a very horrific way. I think mental illness is something we don’t deal with enough in this country. Gun control is something we don’t deal enough. I don’t want to get political about it because we all have different opinions.”

The band is set to release Lilth and has been playing new music on the road. Harvey said fans can expect a mixture of sounds.

“We had a lot of melodic stuff on Goliath,” she said. “We love stuff like that harmonizing, singing, screaming as well. This whole album runs with a lot of emotions and screams, sings. It’s a huge element to it.”

Shepherd said it was great working with fame producer Steve Evetts.

“Every album we have done has been with a different producer,” she said. “This one it was cool because we have known Steve Evetts for a long time. We did one song with him a long time ago and it was never released. When it came to do the album we said of course. He is a perfectionist. He doesn’t do auto tune, fake dreams, fake everything. Every album now a days have a lot of auto tunes.”

Hear more of the interview as the band talks about art, writing and more.

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