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Buff Bagwell talks Scotty Riggs mental disorder, podcast and staying in shape

Former WWE and WCW superstar Marcus “Buff” Bagwell talks about speaking the truth on his new podcast, former tag team partner Scotty Riggs and describes how he stays in shape at 49 years-old.

The Roman Show spoke to Bagwell at the CCW professional wrestling show in Coral Springs, Fl. Bagwell spoke about Riggs his former tag team partner. Together, they were known as the American Males.

“His mother is sick. He vague on that. He seemed up. I heard rumors something mental [issues], but I knew nothing. He talked about his mom all the time,” he said.

Riggs has made it public of his issues with a mental disorder. Bagwell said he would be up for an American Males reunion.

He also talked about staying in shape at his age despite numerous injuries.

“There’s a thing called muscle memory people say it’s a myth, but it’s the first time I kind of believe it,” he said. “People see me a lot differently than I see myself, but I am not even close. I am the person who thinks am fat or anorexia. It’s a horrible thing, but I am not where I want to be and Buff Bagwell wants to be where I want to be. It is tough at 40 to pull that name off.”

He also mentioned that growing up was tough and said he shot his father with a gun at 16. It is mentioned in his documentary.

The former NWO member also talked about his podcast.

“The Buff and Booch cast. It is straight up we have several good guys so far. We have Scott Steiner coming up, Steamboat has been on and Lex Lugar will be coming up, check it out,” he said.

His podcast can be heard on www.podbean.com at 5 p.m. EST Sundays.

Hear more of the video interview, now.

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