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Brian Ortega Fights and Gives To Those Less Fortunate

When UFC fighter Brian Ortega (9-0) isn’t training for a fight, he can be seen at a nearby hospital helping children in need.

Ortega joined The Roman Show to talk about his upcoming fight with Diego Brandao (20-10) part of the main card of UFC 195 January 2, 2015 live on Pay-per-view.

“There was a point in my life were I was injured. My shoulder came out,” he said. If you are a fighter that is like a dark time. When you take that away from us it’s like taking away the wings from the bird. But an opportunity came to help kids. I already was teaching jiu jitsu. I’ve been doing so since I was 15.”

Hear the interview, below!

He remembers jumping on a tour bus and visiting nearby hospitals.

Meanwhile, Ortega was to originally face Brandao in his UFC debut last year. But Brandao suffered an injury. Soon after Ortega was suspended for the use of illegal performance enhancing drug that’s when he took the time to bounce back and hone his skills.

“I didn’t stop training,” he said. “I never do. It was both mental and physical. Mentally I became stronger because I was put into all of these circumstances. Everything that happen sharpened my blade. I trained boxing, jiu jitsu. The world is seeing a new Brian.”

Ortega has kept a close eye on the top man in his featherweight division, champion Conor McGregor, who he is actually a fan off.

“I love watching him” he said. “That’s something that fighters don’t like to say. I like his style and the way he moves. If that chance comes where I need to fight him, I’ll be ready.”

Hear him talk more about his fight with Brandao, charity work, and his goal on running a non-profit organization.

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