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Barrington Hughes Pumped to enter MLW’s War Games

South Florida’s Barrington Hughes is set to be part of the first War Games in the sunshine state in over ten years.

Hughes will be part of the War Games match at MLW return to the War Memorial Auditorium Thursday, September 6, 2018.

Hughes will team up with John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, Kotto Brazil, and Shane Strickland vs Sami Callihan, Jimmy Havoc, Abyss and The Death Machines. Tickets are on sale, click here.

Hughes is excited to wrestle in his own backyard, but understands the damage the match can have on a person’s body.

“It takes your body to the limit and you have to deal with the team we have to deal with in the Callihans, Jimmy Havocs, these are guys that take a hell of a lot punishment,” he said. “My guys the John Morrison’s, Kotto, Shane Strickland, Tommy Dreamer and ask ourselves what are we going to do to bring the pain, to bring the raucous because these are guys that will bring the raucous.”

Barrington Hughes said that MVP has been instrumental in his career in the last year or so. Most recently, he has sided with MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki, who has shared valuable knowledge.

“Low Ki definitely brought knowledge to me,” he said. “He told me look you’re a big dude everything you are out there make sure every time you are out there you maximize does minutes and make the most of yourself from the time you go in to the time you go back.”
Hear more from Hughes who talked about independent wrestling, working with Sami Callihan and more.

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