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Art is Cool!

Growing up as a kid, I would sleep, eat, and bleed sports. I would live and die watching the USA network’s WWF Monday Night Raw. After school on Mondays, I looked forward to sitting in front of the tube only to enjoy two hours of choreographed fights. I didn’t care it was fake; I just appreciated it because of the hard work the performers put in to pull off an amazing and entertaining show. I was so much into wrestling that whoever berated the sport I would try my best to defend it. See, I watched wrestling at its peak, when the Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin where house hold names.
However, at school, my teachers would assist I tune into PBS to watch ballet or painting. That’s like comparing apples and banana. I will tell myself, ‘I can’t watch that crap.’
Yet, now that am grown up, I actually understand and appreciate art. As a journalist, I am blessed with experiencing numerous events and really getting the grasp of things. These past two weeks, I have covered art and ballet events. A couple of years ago, I would have replied with, ‘yuck’. But, there’s so much behind a painting or a dance.
I have had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know different artist: one who paints portraits, while the other takes pictures and turn them into a Andy Warhol type of artwork.
It’s amazing how these two individuals used art as the fuel to escape their personal issues. Taking a picture or painting a work of art, has made these two individuals appreciate life and themselves.
Turning to ballet, I interviewed a woman who visits dangerous neighborhoods in Brazil only to recruit young boys and girls to enroll them in her dance school. The purpose of the visit doesn’t lie behind increasing enrollment, but to help these children get out of misery and allow them to learn using dancing techniques.
So, as I look back when I used to ridicule art and was stubborn by only watching wrestling, I must admit that I now have a different perspective on art because art, whether its dancing or painting could be the remedy a person needs.

Here is a picture of me created by THE COLOR QUEEN

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