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Art in Motion is more than just an apparel company

For Sergio Rafael and Leon Barrocas, the Art in Motion apparel brand is more than just something to wear: it’s about working hard for your dreams to become a reality.

The Roman Show spoke to owner Rafael about their partnership with mixed martial arts promotion Titan FC on this week’s episode.

Art In Motion created Titan FC uniforms, which were worn at Titan FC 54 and will do so this Friday at Titan FC 55 at the Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL live on UFC Fight Pass.

The partnership came to life quickly, said Rafael.

“It happened faster than we expected,” he said. “We’ve been pushing to be a known brand. We started small. The idea came from Jiu Jitsu master Leon Barrocas and we ran with it. We have a factory. We have the knowledge. Between combat sports and my manufacturing experience we have 20 years plus. Luckily with the relationships we built and we did it quickly. Titan FC COO’s Lex McMahon and his team gave us that opportunity to be the official apparel of Titan FC.”

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Art in Motion have partnered for two years. For now, the t-shirts can be purchased at Titan FC shows. The company will launch their ordering website later this year, where fans can purchase gear.

“We made sure the shirts are a quality that people want to wear,” he said.

He later added, “Our goal is to turn this into a life brand. The message we want to convoy is positivity and aim for greatness.”

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