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Angelina Castro talks becoming a superhero

Adult film star Angelina Castro is on a new journey, comics.

Castro has been converted to a superhero as she has teamed up artist Xtremee Ghost. Both will be at the Florida Supercon from July 27 to July 30 at the Broward Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now, click here.

Castro joined The Roman Show to talk about her heroism.

“I am a superhero,” she said. “I am an alien form some plant. I don’t want to give you too much. I come to earth cause I want to basically F— everything on my planet and I want to come here to keep f— I found out humans look at sex a different way and they are frustrated about it. I need to help them with it because in my planet sex is just sex. I go in my adventure.”

Hear the complete interview, below.

She said she views sex as simple as having a cup of coffee.

“I come from a planet where sex has no feelings and people aren’t frustrated,” she said. “I am talking about my life. I look at sex totally different. I want to express about how I feel about sex. I want people to look at it how I look at it. Pornography has helped me to be sexually free. Sexually free doesn’t mean that I sleep with everyone, it means I know that the body needs sex like we need to breath. I use sex for my pleasure. Not because of religion, procreation or other things sex use for.”

Hear the complete interview and what she will wear to the Florida Supercon.

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