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Amateur Boxer Rudy Prieto talks about taking on Instagramer Supreme Patty

Northern Florida martial artist Rudy Prieto isn’t taking an instragram sensation lightly this weekend at the upcoming Dean Toole Promotions event.

Prieto takes on Supreme Patty, real name Patrick Wallace, who has over seven million followers on Instagram and is known for outlandish antics on social media. The fight takes in place in Pensacola, Florida live on Pay-per-view. Patty has been training with UFC fighter Charles Rosa.

Patty is getting serious and is stepping into the boxing ring for an amateur fight. The fight has tons of hype behind so much so it is being advertised in Times Square in New York.

Prieto has trained mixed marital arts. He was inspired by a Rampage Quinton Jackson fight. He has a 1-1 amateur record. Prieto joined The Roman Show to talk about the highly anticipated fight and admitted he did not know who Supreme Patty was.

“(The fight) just happened. The promoter asked if I wanted to fight,” he said. “He offered to pay for my blood test because I couldn’t afford it. I looked him up and I saw how many followers he had and said ok from there.”

Prieto has been training on and off for about two years. He is not taking Patty lighting.

“I am taking him serious you never know what anyone is capable of on any given day,” he said. “Any man can lose. Look what boxer Andy Ruiz did to Anthony Joshua.”

An underdog, Ruiz recently knocked out the Joshua in one of the biggest upset in boxing history to win the heavyweight championship.

Prieto said that he knows what a win over Patty would mean for him. But in return he has received hate mail with derogatory and disrespectful comments.

Hear the complete interview, now.

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