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Alberto El Patron Talks Combate Americas, last opponent, WWE relationship

Former WWE superstar and Combate Americas President Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio, says he has his eye on the last foe he’d like to compete before he retires from professional wrestling.

Del Rio, who spoke to The Roman Show about the latest changes to Combate Americas says he knows the person he’d like to have his last match with. He also talked about having a good relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon. He has stated that 2019 could potentially be his last year in pro wrestling. Combate Americas will air their shows in September in November live on Univision.

“Top of my head is Rey Mysterio Jr. He is one of my best friends, fantastic wrestler and a real life legend,” he said. “He would be the perfect person to do a world tour to say goodbye. I would like to wrestle some guys again like Dolph Ziggler, Ken Anderson and many others in the business. I have always stayed the same because I have a good relationship with Vince McMahon. I am sure I’ll be back one day before I decide to retire. I’ll return to have a final run. Maybe I’ll be able to work with all those wrestlers I used to work with in that company.”

He said he has an idea on the places he’d like to have his final last matches, which include San Antonio, Texas, Miami, Fl, Japan, Arena Mexico, his hometown in Mexico and more.

He also emphasized on why he withdrew from AAA’s TripleMania, scheduled to take place August 25.

“I don’t like how they are doing things in the business,” he said. “We continue to see promoters take advantage of the talent. Thank God I am in the position, where’ I am able to say ‘ok you can do this, but you won’t do this to me’. It happened with Triple A. They called me and found me and took me somewhere and spoiled me to see if I can do their biggest event of the year. Then, they never sent the money. They never came. I was supposed to fight someone and they were never able to seal the deal with this wrestler. They talked about these other two other names. It was the same situation. They didn’t fulfill their commitment with me.”
He also talked about Combate Americas featuring three round title fights instead of the traditional five rounds.

“Three rounds works for everybody,” he said. “That tells you that the fighters will have more energy. Their cardio will be there for the whole fight. Five rounds you have to pace yourself to fight the five rounds. That’s the way I see it, but of course there will be fans who disagree with me.”

He also said he might be part of the ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden show next year in Ne York, during the Wrestlemania weekend.

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