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Al Snow talks wrestling, EC3 and staying in shape

Former WWE superstar and TNA Impact Wrestling producer Al Snow says his company will be showcasing new talent fans will like and is stoked of Ethan Carter III.

In an exclusive interview with The Roman Show at the debut of Ronnin Pro Wrestling in Miami, Snow said he had no information on TNA signing a television deal, but said he is excited for the new talent.
“They are always on the lookout for up and coming guys and girls,” he said. “They are slowly moving aside other talent because its been there and overexposed and giving a chance to new talent. The audience is going to enjoy it.”
Snow said one guy he would like to wrestle is Ethan Carter the third or EC3.
“He is doing amazing,” he said. “He is an up and coming star. WWE missed out on him.”
He is also gave his opinion on TNA going back to the six-sided ring and how the locker room felt about it.
“Some of the wrestlers weren’t happy about it, but everyone just had to adjust and work through it,” he said. “It’s a signature deal for TNA. It is the difference between WWE.”
Snow also talked about visiting Miami and staying in great shape for his age.

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