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I have heard many critics speak badly about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. One of their most famous arguments of why the government should step in to ban the sport is violence. Sure, if you see an MMA fight on television or live, I a sure you that you will see blood or maybe a broken leg. There is no escape of the grotesque images, but it’s an exciting sport and, honestly, it’s not for everyone. Many people want to jump on the bandwagon by taking MMA classes. Don’t get me wrong, the exercise classes are intense and you’ll be burning after an hour of hardcore punching and kicking. Trust me, it beats lifting weights and the treadmill.

But, back to my point, New York State legislature is considering to allow the sport there. Currently, a MMA event can’t be held in the state because many state congressmen and woman say it is too violate, but there is a law that could overturn banning the sport. Growing up watching WWF and participating in my high school’s wrestling team; I can tell you that this sport has a long way to go. More than likely, it will defeat boxing. No offense to boxing legends who entertained us, but the men and women of the octagon are bringing in the ratings. Tune in to Versus or Spike TV at a time of the day and you can’t miss UFC or WEC. The sport is growing and the masses love it. Again, no offense to boxing, but MMA pay-per-views are bringing in the green. UFC president, Dana White understands the sports world and knows exactly what to do to excite the fans. For example, he just announced that Kimbo Slice will be on the reality show, The Ultimate Fighter on Spike. Do you know what a bring draw that’s going to be for the network. Slice was supposed to be a big draw for the now bankrupt Elite XC promotion. But, his fame came to an end when he was TKO’d in a matter of seconds by an MMA fighter, who was barely known.

The sport is growing by the minute and it is only going to get bigger. I remember watching UFC back in the early 90’s when it first started. The rules were a lot different then, since the fights were more of a fighting skill versus fighting skill. One of the greats included Ken Shamrock who was champ numerous times. At that point, fighters didn’t wear gloves and wore shoes. Blood would cover the canvass and could be seen from miles away. But, today, the sport is more organized and has a strong following. So, if you guys haven’t sat there to watch a fight, I invite you to do so because you’ll be blown away. The government shouldn’t have any role in deciding if a fight should take place just let the fans enjoy a great bout. Plus, in the end, the state gets lots cash out of hosting the event.

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