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Blake of Devour The Day says New Album Identifies Band

Devour The Day’s new album tells the tale of the band’s identification.

The bands Blake Allison joined The Roman Show to talk about the band’s new album S.O.A.R. (Suffer Overcome and Recover) and their latest video for their single, “Lightning in the Sky”.

Allison said the band reflects what the band has been through.

“This record catches the process that we’ve gone through and creating and reinventing ourselves as musicians,” he told The Roman Show. “We went through a lot of paths in our first record not knowing what type of band we would be. We got a grasp who want to be as musicians.”

The band is currently on tour with the album dropping April 1.
One of the singles of the album is S.O.A.R., which brings a different kind of sound compared to their previous work.

“S.O.A.R. the song is about that process and having to make sacrifices and make harsh reality checks of who we are. Its always a struggle to make best friends doing creative things. Between joey and i we’ve had our struggles. But we have become stronger during the process.”

He also highlighted the importance of music video and how much Youtube if vital to a band.

“Youtube is more powerful than radio, tv or MTV now a days,” he said. “When I go check out a name the band usually type in their names and they probably have a band. Youtube is away to connect with fans. It s like MTV.”

Hear the complete interview, now on The Roman Show.

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