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Recently, I posted a blog regarding the Sri Lanka warfare, where thousands of innocent people have lost their lives, yet world governments turn their heads.
In a nutshell, The Tamil minority is fighting for a homeland. The group has been fighting for land for more than a quarter century. The government refuses to bestow want the Tamil minority is asking for. Thus, residents lose their lives over a struggle they have nothing to do with.
Well, it turns out that we have a final number on how many people died in the final days of Sri Lanka’s military operation to defeat Tamil Tigers rebels. According to The Times newpaper, more than 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed.
Local authorities say they stopped using heavy artillery late last month in a no-fire zone, where around 1000,000 Tamil civilians were sheltered and blame civilian casualties on rebels hiding among the civilians.
But, this story gets more disturbing: U.N. High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay said the Tamil force used child soldiers and used civilians as human shields during the conflict. But, the group has denied the allegation.
Where are the world leaders? There is genocide here and no one is paying attention. And, don’t be shocked if there is more conflict in this country. Thus, more innocent lives will be lost. Where is the United Nations? All I hear is “blah blah blah” from U.N. officials, but no action. So, why is it here and why do we invest in this group, if nothing is getting accomplished?

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