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The Miami Dade County commission has approved the Miami Marlins’ new retractable roof stadium. Yes, after a 15 year battle, the fish will get a ballpark in La Pequena Havana…Que bola! Yes, the commission discussed how this will impact us financially, since the county will use money from the general fund and tourist taxes. However, at the same time, we will have jobs. Sure, they will be temporary, but something is better than nothing. Let’s face it, when Obama made a push for the stimulus plan he said the money will be for local government, who will decide how to use the money wisely. Meaning, the government may use the money for road construction, which will provide jobs. Again, these jobs will only last for sometime too. Thus, people can’t criticize as far as the ballpark jobs. Also, people will go. Think about it, instead of wasting cash on a case of beer, you can take your kid to the ballpark. This will be great for all of us. Our streets will be hop and popping during the summer in La Pequena Havana. And, maybe, we can win another world series to make it 3. Go Fish!!! Good job commissioners.

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