New Marlins Stadium Pictures, Images and Photos

It seems like more than likely the fish will finally get the home they have been patiently waiting for. The city of Miami commission voted 3 to 2 in favor of buidling a brand new 37,000 seat retractable roof stadium at the old Orange Bowl location. Above, you can see a mock image of what the place is supposed to look like when it is done. Who is going to pay for this massive $525 million construction project?
Well, we the people: $347 million from Miami-Dade County, and $23 million from the city of Miami. Persoanlly, I am not upset the city moved forward in voting to build the project because I love the game. Also, the Marlins have won 2 world series in their short existence. How many super bowls have the Dolphins won in their history? Two. So, if you do the math, the Marlins a force to be recken with on the diamond and they bring out the best in baseball fans. I remember going to a game in their first season and boy was I excited because for once we had baseball under this beautiful weather. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a stadium than another thousand foot condo complex with hundreds of units, which no one will buy. However, the most important reason why the city would benefit from building this stadium is the job opportunity it will bring to South Florida. I am sure the Marlins organizations will be hiring everything from cashiers to marketing directors. This is a win win situation. I can’t wait till 2012 when the new Miami Marlins park is expected to open. Go Marlins! Play ball!

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