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Zybyszko on Hogan on The Roman Show

Wrestling legend The Living Legend Larry Zybyszko said Hulk Hogan should stay out of his business when it comes to social media.
In an interview with the Roman Show, Zybyszko said Hogan should quit talking about past shows in major stadiums. Zybyszko was doing a meet and greet at NWA Ring Warriors in Fort Lauderdale during the Wrestlemania weekend.
“This idiot Hulk Hogan, tweeting about Shea Stadium when everybody knows that it was me and Bruno’s show.”
The comment derived after a question on his thoughts on social media.
“Internet and Tweeting, its just a way to make the audience bigger,” he said.
He later added that Hogan loves the attention, but should watch out with what he says.
“He should keep his crippled mouth shut when it comes to Shea Stadium,” he said.

He later added, “His religion is publicity for himself, he’s always been for himself.”

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