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Put on your dancing shoes, Jason.

Former Dolphins player, Jason Taylor is without a team. He last played for the Washington Redskins. Now, Taylor’s future team is up in the air. He says that he might even wait after the NFL draft to decide were he’ll like to play. Taylor is memorable here in South Florida for being an outstanding defensive player. He is also known for is somewhat super stardom on the small screen. The defensive player showed of his skills, not on the field, but on the dancing floor when he appeared on ABC’s “Dancing with the stars”. Many thought that appearing on the show would mark the end of his football career because he would seek a job in Hollywood. However, that hasn’t happened yet and he claims to have that urge to comeback and play. So, should the Dolphins take a soon to retire defensive player? Well, one thing is for sure, the Jets, Patriots and Bills have interest in the man. Remember, all the teams mentioned are in the Dolphins division. One thing seems to be certain, Taylor says he won’t play for the Jets. So, lets see if the Big Tuna, Bill Parcels takes a risk with the veteran, since he is looking to rebuild the fins. From the looks of it, it seems like Taylor has Dolphins blood and would like to retire here. But, if no team decides to take him here is a message to Taylor: Trade the cleats for the dancing shoes. Who knows what the outcome will be?

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