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Marlins win five games in homestand…

The Marlins defeated the lousy/choking Mets 2-1 in a well pitched game by Josh Johnson. Marlins scored two run thanks to a Mets error. Well, they scored one run thanks to that error; they had one earned run. The Mets only run came all the way in the ninth inning. It was great to leave the hot ballpark and watch the disappointed faces on Mets’ Fans. Ahh…the joy. Thousands attended the game and watched the fish kick the lousy Mets butts. So long Mets, we’ll see you in a few just to only kick your butts again. Before the game, kids ran to the field to pick up eggs on the Marlin’s Easter egg hunt. I think the kids ran faster to pick up the eggs than the sorry Mets. I guess the kids want it more than the Mets. All these New Yorkers can go back home to Queens and enjoy their new ball park along with a crappy team. As for us, we can enjoy victory. Hopefully, maybe, we can start getting some recognition and prove that the fish are for real. The Marlins have an 5 and 1 record.
Here are some pictures of the best the Mets have to offer Johan Santana. Too bad he didn’t bring any of his heat cause the fish where too much. Also, the kids rush the field to pick up eggs. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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