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Kelvin Gastelum Has Had The Best Weight Cut Ever Prior To his upcoming fight!

Kelvin Gastelum is set to make his debut in the UFC’s main event in Mexico.

The Yuma mixed martial artist is set to take on Neil Magny in the upcoming UFC Fight Night fight card November 21, which airs on Fox Sports 1.

He says he is in the best shape ever thanks to his nutritionist. He joined The Roman Show before his upcoming fight.

“I got a nutritionist working for me,” he said. “He is buying my grocery and cooking my meals. It’s something less I need to worry about. This has been the easiest weight cut. My weight cut is way ahead of schedule.”

Hear the interview, below.

Gastelum also talks about his job as serving the ambassador of mixed martial arts in Latin America.
“I never thought about doing television,” said Gastelum, who worked as a bondsman for two years before becoming a mma fighter. “The more I did it the more I’ve been getting comfortable with it. It’s new to me, but I have been working on it. Before I would hide from cameras now I’ve learned to deal with the attention.”

He also shared a story about his first fight.

“I remember warming up, hitting the pads, rolling and staff came to the room and said I had to get out of the room because this person is coming with a lady and you know who knows what they are going to do,” he said. “They kicked us out of the room. I had to go outside and warm up. When I went to fight I had to go in the actual club to go to the arena. It was different because I am walking through the strip club to walk into the arena. I was 17. I am trying to focus on fighting. I am literally walking to the arena and seeing all these naked women. I got an arm bar in three minutes. That’s when I fell in love with the sport.”

He also talks about how his mother pushed him to be a better fighter and more. Hear the complete interview, now!

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