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Crowd boos Britney

Smoky conditions made Britney Spears walk off the stage in Vancouver during her latest stop part of her Circus tour. In a statement to the Vancouver Sun, “It’s become uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers.” She walked off the stage, which led to a 30 minute delay. This happened just after she sang three songs. The sold out crowd retaliated with boos. Apparently, cigarette smoke was too much for Britney Spears to perform. I wonder if she ever remembers the good ole days when she used to party hardy in Miami Beach. Does anyone remember the toilet incident? Do you remember the no panties incident? I wonder what caused that? Isn’t weird that a person who used to do something damaging to their body all of sudden starts complaining about others doing it? Does that question make sense? I think this is senseless. Nonetheless, the pop queen came back and performed and she apologized on her blog. Yawn!

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