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The crying isn’t worth it; Zelaya show should stop

The drama continues for former Honduras president, Manuel Zelaya as he pleads for the current administration to let him back inside the country he once led. Now, Zelaya is stationed on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras sleeping inside a tent, screaming via a megaphone to Honduranian military men, “Let me in”. Friday, he made an attempt to enter his ... Read More »

At La Goulue in Bal Harbour Shops, French holiday celebrated with gastronomic delights

Frenchmen and Francophiles celebrate Bastille Day at La Goulue in Bal Harbour Shops with mussels and other gastronomic delights. BY RODOLFO R. ROMANSpecial to The Miami HeraldFrenchman Gregory Delaunay, general manager of Bal Harbour Shops’ La Goulue, enjoyed a cold glass of white wine on a recent Tuesday, a fittingly festive drink for the occasion: Bastille Day, France’s national holiday. ... Read More »

Miami City Ballet’s summer program has an international flair

BY RODOLFO R. ROMANSpecial to The Miami HeraldTwice a year, ballet instructor Alice Arja visits the favelas, or shanty towns, of Rio de Janiero with a mission: To recruit young boys and girls and enroll them in her Brazilian dance school in hopes of inspiring and educating the poorest children of her country. And for the past two years, she ... Read More »

Marlins break ground

Hundreds of Mar lins fans braved the hot South Florida sun to witness the ground breaking ceremony of the Little Havana ballpark expected to open in 2012. Here are some pictures of the event where fish fans enjoyed pork and cafe as well as some much needed cold drinks. A salsa band played music to entertain the hardcore fans. Local ... Read More »

Marlins break ground

As a marlins’ fan, I am thrilled to attend the ground breaking of the new fish’s home. The new stadium with a retractable roof is set to open 2012. However, the stadium has come with a lot of economical controversy.Yet, the name stadium is set to start being built shortly. Public offcials say it will help everyone. Stay tuned for ... Read More »