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All American Games

Getting to know these future NBA stars was a great experience. The Ronald McDonald’s All-American Games, where in Coral Gables and boy the games where awesome. Both the girls and boys game went down to the last second. The games were both nail bitters. Several celebrities where in the crowd such as Ronnie Brown, Pat Reily and , of course, Alonzo Mourning. The game itself was a media frenzy. The game was televised live on ESPN. Almost 6,000 basketball fans showed up at the Bank United center to watch the future Lebron James and Kobe Bryants. The marching band played music, while the arena speakers blared hip hop music. You know, sure, the game was great, but in the end the Ronald McDonald’s House benefits. Guests who stay at the McDonald’s house really face reality because their children are being treated for serious issues. I interviewed a teen who had a tumor removed from his cheek. His mother stayed at the house, while he was getting operated. It was really sad, yet motivating to see this guy stand up on his own two feet and live his life like if nothing ever happened. I was truly inspired. The man helped me opened my eyes to see how fortunate I am. Not just me, but if you walk, talk, hear, and have a job consider yourself blessed. We really have to take a look at those little things because we are blessed. Thus, covering the games where great, but I really felt like my heart witnessed something glorifying. I’ll be putting up some pictures in my next blog.

Brook Lopez McDonalds All American Auto Pictures, Images and Photos

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